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15 Mar 2012
I was just checking out possible new keyboards for gaming & just found out that I bought my Merc stealth keyboard 7 years ago!!! really surprised by that & it still works well & illuminates fully & only a few keys are showing signs of wear,
The thing that really appealed to me was the separate gaming only keys to the left side which I can use comfortably with no unnecessary movement... I'm surprised that more keyboards didn't follow this example because when I do eventually change I will want something similar.

What kit has been well worth what you spent on it?
Logitech basic keyboard 15€
Logitech wireless basic mouse 30€
Sony stereo headphones 70€

Im ok with them, good enough for my not so serious playing. (Yes i play a lot and often but it is not serious playing.) :p
I've tried and tested a few keyboards and mice but this is what I've used for the last five years or so: Razer Deathadder mouse and MS Wired keyboard 600 (!). The mouse fits my hand like a glove and the keyboard suits my style as it has "soft" but distinct keys. Maybe not the best of gaming keyboards but surprisingly good, at least for me.

Otherwise the upgrade of screen I did some four years ago from a Philips low resolution blurry LCD screen to the Samsung SyncMaster BX2335 was a big leap in gaming experience.

All of these were quite inexpensive but made a significant difference in gaming pleasure (I'm beginning to sound like an ad for hardware...).
the best bit of kit i got was the cheapest,a razor gaming mat,think it was £15 at the time and only bought it because that sext stud spunky sent me up a razor mouse as mine had died,so thank you razor and thank you spunky xxx
Das Keyboard Ultimate S - It's so good I've got 3.

One for work
One for Gaming
One for DJ'ing although it has keyboard commands overlay on it!

I have the Logitech G510 keyboard and it works pretty good.I don't really use it for having though.I use a Belkin N53Te game pad.I started using it years ago so I wouldn't wear out my laptop kb. But now I don't think I could go back to just straight kb play again.as for the mouse I have the cooler master storm sentinel advanced. The thing is a beast.u can customize the 4 profiles on it go all have different dpi sensitivities let's say your doing push s button and your sensitivity I'd not easier for doing off flying jets etc...
For s headset my msh.. good bleat e her.. got me the Razer blackshark headset.I didn't know games could sound that good the are awesome.hope this helps mate
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A lot of stuff I have used and then upgraded gets to go in my Mum's PC so quite a lot continues to give really good service. The only problem item I had was the Shuttle motherboard which went a bit flaky and did some weird stuff. Most other stuff seems to be pretty reliable.

Still have a wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse combo that is used for the server (which is installed in the loft and accessed remotely using the keyboard). Both mouse and keyboard have a good enough range to be perfectly useable. Used that keyboard and mouse for gaming but have discovered that wired keyboards and mice are better for gaming (even if they don't improve an individuals skill).
I have an 8 year old Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi soundcard that is still doing his job very wel. The card costed nearly a 100$ back in the day and is a little bit cheaper now, but it has proven to be worth every penny. The exact same card i bought in 2005 is still sold on many online stores (after 8 years!!! which tells a lot if you ask me..) and works with windows 7, but havent tried with windows 8 yet. People often buy the best processors and videocards but many times seem to forget about the audio. I think audio is nearly as important as video!

a) it boosts mp3 music to a much better quality as it is converted to 24 bits 48khz audio called 'crystalizer'. Difference is hugely noticable when amplified and with headphones too. Even the high-end motherboard soundcards are not to be compared with this thing.
b) 0 volume is infact 0 volume. Motherboard soundcards often lack this. max volume is.... unbearably loud and will damage your ears, lol.
c) Motherboard soundcards have impact on performance, the x-Fi takes over the processing.
d) EAX with 3d option is awesome with headphones
e) It boosts the FPS (in gaming mode) while gaming with 10 FPS depending on the game and prevents audio bottlenecks which cause framedrops.

The card has 64 MB ram and has really fast chip comparable to a Pentium 4 and that is why it is able to completely take over the audio processing from the CPU and onboard soundcard.

Wiki with more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sound_Blaster_X-Fi
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Nice card mate.I have a $30 Asus xonar dg that I got last year.I want a sound blaster soundcard next time.
MY IBM Keyboard its served me faithfully and without any problems since 2001 XD and still going strong, though i have to punch a bit harder on the keys now than i did when it was new :-3 XD
I had the simplest Microsoft gamer mouse for about 10 years. Then the cable broke, i repaired it, had it for 2 more years. Now Logitech G400, love it

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