Hardcore Sunday 24th June

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NRU Heed
as some members asking for some event and also some hardcore playing this will be the first one.

next sunday the server will run in hardcore mode. this means we have or more have not the following settings ingame anymore:

- no mini map
- higher bullet damage
- no autorepair for vehicles
- no 3rd person view in vehicles
- no spotting
- no killcam
- no selfhealing

it sounds all a bit harder but i can say, its a lot of fun.
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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
:cry: I would, considering my skill level, prefer softcore i.e. I can take bullets, grenades, C4 or whatever I´m getting without losing any health. And all my weapons have javelin style lock on, especially on Witcheri. Oh, and I have t-bag turbo mode :woot:.
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