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Mine too when I can be arsed to do it. This one had a very low WAF (wife acceptance factor) and lasted about 10 minutes.


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T-shirt is an old slobing around the house one that never gets to be seen outdoors! One of those that Iz wishes will fall apart so it can be thrown out though suspect that in some of the towns up here it would be fashionable!
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Glen when you go to the barbers for a haircut what do you ask for ?
I just want to know so I never get one like that.....:ROFLMAO:
I haven't been for a haircut to the barbers for over 35 years as my wife is an ex hairdresser and she does it, which has the advantage of being free and I can have it done whenever I want it done. The downside is I never get the haircut I want but the haircut she wants me to have :eggface:
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