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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Hu ho hi guys, long time didnt miss you lol.

I have a question, i just got me and SSD, and intel core i5 haswell 4670k, i got 16 gb ddr3 ram and Quad-crossfire 6970, do you think theese things will run Battlefield 4 okay, or do i need to get other gfx cards? Like the new 8 series from AMD in crossfire etc etc.. I mean 6970 got 2 years on them now and dosent support pcie 3.0.. and i can't overcklock so much because of heating problems whit 4 cards :p

Take care cook. Gubb.
Hi Gubbar long time no see. Think Seaman has a Point there, sorry canĀ“t help you myself, have no tech skill :)
Hi Gub, good to see you again :) I also think that you should listen to old cock Seaman :D
Hmm.. Weird.
The site says I can run the game on high settings probably, and it gave 9 and 8 stars to everything...
The thing is, I couldn't run BF3 beta for some reason with more than 15fps... Not sure how it is now.
Gubb u sexy bitch.I've seen the overtures that pc's going to be a beast.ill kindly take all your old shit you don't want lol

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