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i watched a lot of video from gta5 like that one.



waiting for the PC release. lol so it will be available for PC at end of january. think i will have a lot of fun with that game. anyone else will buy GTA5?


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13 Aug 2012
Odp: Gta5

If do not break crackers and this :) Anyway, my computer only functions for GTA San andreas so and so I will not play :)


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20 Oct 2012
Too paranoid to tell it :P
Im played GTA V trough on my PS3. Its what you can expect from new GTA: Impressive big game world and there is no any loading breaks anymore when travelling far or when starting mission. That is also cool you can decide make these big heist missions aggressive or stealthy way what leads to different preparation missions and different way to complete heist mission. As people propably knew in GTA V there is 3 different guys sharing main role and there is at least 3 different endings to storyline, depending what player decides to do. I decided guys sticks together and deals with their enemies. Anyway that chance reach same goals things different way and even end story 3 different ways gives GTA V more value to play again later. Multiplayer sucks, it was disappointment to me. Trying chase and kill other internet players is not fun very long and "missions" of multiplayer needs lots of waiting people joins play that thing with you. You get bored or frustrated sooner or later. And firefights with other human players... Dont make me start about that... Its so shitty no skill gameplay for several reasons: Most of time guy who camps and uses cover wins. And guys with sniper what kills you with 1 bodyshot from far away. Or guy with high characters shooting skill can shoot you down with assault rifle and aimassist (aim lock to enemies) too fast. Thats so pointless play game where skill means nothing. :p