graphics card opinions thanks

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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Molndal Sweden
Hi Teo, I have a Twin Frozor III GTX570 and was never bothered by excessive fan noise. Its fairly quiet imho.
I run the 770 msi card Teoflid, I've had 3 different versions of the msi cards, and they are awesome m8, silent...never break a sweat and can handle anything you throw at them.
thumbs up from me m8 ;)

best of luck with your choice.
yeah what he said... I had msi b4 my current card, very quiet & more importantly very cool
i would go for the 4gb version of the card as bf4 will and newer games like lots of gpu memory
Thanks for the comments and advice.
Has ordered MSI 4GB card in the store and hope to collect it tomorrow :D

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