Goodbye and LAST post.


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15 Mar 2012
Dear Genozide,

I’ll barge right in here:

We the heeds discussed the situation and have decided not to restore you to active NRU membership at this time.

The way you left things a few months ago has left more then just a bitter taste, and from none of your PM’s to Lakaelo or Mac do you seem to have any regrets or understanding for the situation then.

I’m sorry if the impression was made that there was an NRU led invitation or request to come back.
The forum thread discussing your return was not created by one of the heeds and warnings have been issued there not to create false expectations. Unfortunately this seems not to have come over correctly.

The day after you left we offered you to take a breather and thinks thing over but you at that time made abundantly clear that you had no intention to do so. To us it seems you still feel the same way and we therefore see no reason to have you back.

I fully understand that you won’t be happy with the situation, but I hope you can understand our position.
Please don’t let this reflect on the gaming as we have no problem with you on that part what so ever and you are more then welcome to continue visiting our forum, servers and TS.
There are still a lot of people that enjoy gaming with you but we have the interests of NRU to keep in mind.

Kind regards

The NRU Heeds

Dear? What a joke. Good one. Well i DID actually see that one coming. Better safe than sorry, eh? Nevermind past situations based on which many members and non-members see it. Just make the "heed call" based on your own assumptions and gut feelings. "At this time" i'll just say forget it. Not interested at any further point in rejoining. I've lost the trust, respect and "taste" of the clan politics.
Insults, bullying and discrimination are fine by those politics, whatever you believe is the case. No apology from psycho after the incident he caused to WHOM it was directed. OH i didn't know he insulted YOU too?? My bad. Whitewash and go.
WARNING members now for posting their opinions? FALSE expectations? You DO seem sorry for them having said their point of view. Rather a dictatorship than democracy or community. The righteous power and decision of the mighty heeds. Thank god they didn't VOTE. You expected something from me that you never made evident. I DID ask what was required. I had my "breather", discussed my thoughts with members, asked to re-join. Oh, did i leave all the heeds in the dark?? Well so did you. No help. Just wait for the friendly and polite "fuck off, you're dumb and we don't want you back" message. And no harm done since you can just give me more bullshit of being too proud, not letting go or calling any healthy principle drama and get away with it.
No reason for appretiation among the heeds, thinking of the better good of the clan name. Did you ASK the clanmembers or listen to them? You must mean the name of the clan and what it stands for, not what the members themselves propose. I truly thought clanmembers actions made the base of the clan, not the wishful thinking of what the heeds need it to be. No.. I understand your position. You expect to get respect in a matter in which you totally lost respect from me. I do remember your comments and lack of proper action during the incident and whatever misunderstandings you refer to, at least i know where you truly come from.
"Fully understand", "no problem", "more than welcome", "interests".. You got a SICK sense of humour. You never showed any interest of even wanting to understand, any contact or initiative to solve the problem itself, for you to make me feel welcome anywhere recently or show you cared about "NRU" interests without the usual neutral passive official response.. Biased hypocracy.. Not about what you want, or what i want.. About how such a matter should have been expected to have been dealt with in any similar social situation and on that you certainly failed miserably yet you assume you understand. Because of that neglect and your dream world the assumptions you make are just the opposite.

Why the hell would i need to REGRET being on the receiving side of getting INSULTED? NORMAL people get angry, defensive and upset.. "Oh, he kicked you in the balls as hard as he could.. NOW TELL EVERYONE YOU'RE SORRY YOUR BALLS WERE IN THE WAY!!!!!" THAT perspective i will never understand from your nonsense dilemma in the matter, YES. Nevermind the apology to WHERE it should have been adressed in the first place. It wasn't YOUR BALLS. Get it? Fuck the other 50%, there's only YOUR 50% of the story and that is kick their balls and if they don't say sorry to being in the way after it, tell them to fuck off and reward whoever does the kicking. Your decision is final, "at this time". Neglect all the rest. Flip the coin of two-face, pull a finger and make a wish.

"I fully understand you will not be happy with this reply." Nope. I KNOW you will be happy now. GOOD RIDDANCE of this very difficult problem ex-member that didn't beg on his knees to the red heed gods and submit to how the gods want their lambs to feel, react and behave. Over the top? Good. You won't need to hear ANY more. You expected me to be someone who stomachs any bullshit and you're wrong. Good luck with running your clan the way you see most fit. Apparently not all agree now or have agreed in the past. Go figure.

I won't be visiting the site anymore or reading replies. Not interested in countercomments, assumptions or more bullshit politics. Principles, opinions and expectations were clearly never fully compatible and now that they've turned personal i've had it with NRU and will move on. Those who want to contact me know where to find me. Thanks to those who truly WERE friends. I'll miss you and remember who you are.


Signing off.

PS. I didn't start the thread no, but neither was i asked to make my own. Only to pm to re-join which i would have wished to do and prepared to let past be past and go on but hell.. you know what you think is best and it's your decision only and fine by me. Never thought you'd have wanted me back like some members anyway. Have fun and take care! Apologies for the rant and blunt goodbye but i DID try to help the clan before and i get this "we assume you are something" shit. You could have just asked or requested what you wanted to know instead of this.


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15 Mar 2012
The Hague, The Netherlands
Thanks for your reply Geno.
Seeing as you mention you won't be reading any reply's there no reason to respond in depth here.

So all that remains is to wish you good luck in the future, be it solo or with another clan (how many is that now?).


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15 Mar 2012
Dear Genozide,

No apology from psycho after the incident he caused to WHOM it was directed.

sry to hear that, geno. still dont understand how one person could push you and our clan in such a conflict. yeah i know you wont read this but i feel to say this one, played with geno several times and talked with him a few times over our team speak but still dont know what came over him to get so angry cause i always met him as a nice, friendly and gentle person.

this case is closed because 2 adults are to proud to say SORRY? or am i gettin this all wrong. just a question. no reason to get angry too soon.


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15 Mar 2012
Bad Rappenau
AW: Re: Goodbye and LAST post.

I thought about this long if I should say something, without which I pour this oil into the fire. But I have repeatedly apologized to you, and I also made screenshots of all interviews, so please do not introduce yourself to represent innocence, as the little Lamp that you are in the same case as me. You then overreacted as well as today. I hope you can find sometime back that I have learned and appreciated to know the person. Sorry, You seem further away from yourself than to have guessed. I just hope that you to me no longer angry I had nothing to do with the current situation.


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15 Mar 2012
Well that's that.let's move forward and learn from this incident so it doesn't happen again. NRU for life :)


NRU Heed
I know he blames us heeds but you need to understand we are all human... I have little time my self we are all very busy in what we do each day and the clan is our hobby... I'm sorry myself that geno felt this way but trust me we do our best in the limited time we have to run this thing, and yes we do consider everyone's opinions and cannot please every one, but we do try, trust me on that !!


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15 Mar 2012
Don't worry about it mac, we've had our fair share of drama queens over the years & this was just another of those episodes.


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25 Mar 2012
Don't worry about it mac, we've had our fair share of drama queens over the years & this was just another of those episodes.

agree completely mr. chip if mr. geno would take the time to read the replies ild like to say, chill dude remember your bloodpressure! and remember your mates were still here even if you choose to stop playing with us :-3 well you know where we are if you feel like a bit of t-bagging some day mate, we will be looking for you on the servers ;-)