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I don't see a sub-forum for this..

I've been banned by Bond due to talking shit to my friend Optinius who is currently stationed overseas..

When I came into the server Bond was saying something in the chat to someone about something but because of radio spam I couldn't see soo whatever.. I died alittle bit later, at which I wrote an obscenity in the chat due to my friend managing a kill on me with so many players..

Next thing I know I'm kicked with the words BE QUIET NOW..

So I rejoin and ask why I was kicked.. After a couple tries asking he finally says, "Oh I thought you were talking to me"..

At this point I did call him a fuck idiot and he started spamming about how he can do whatever he wants, etc, etc.. I asked for the website addy to which he only replied about the server having battlerecorder and something about if I wanted to keep playing on the server that I have to shut up.. He then started demanding I tell him why I was going to the forums.. I stopped replying but he kept asking etc, etc.. I eventually told him "To report people" at which he demand I report people to "us" even though he was the only admin in there.. Time goes by and my friend kills me again.. I say Noob Alert in a fashion that ensures my friend sees it.. Next thing I know is he bans me..


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2 May 2012
close to Hamburg
Innocent victim post !!! :)

LOL, interesting Story...but not 100% the truth my friend. And thank good I WASNT the only one there... Lady was there as well.
I wrote to another rulebreaker and you called me stop whining noob. I warned you and you kept on..then I kicked ya.
If you wanna talk "shit" to your buddy, then dont spam the Chat....use Skype or whatever.

We told you both to Keep behavin and to Report rulebreakers....I wasnt Aware you meant me and I didnt want to know why you go to Forum...I even told you to do so please.
So what are you talking about ?

Also didnt say what I can do and what I cant, I just asked you to not obstruct me admining, as I was the only "live" admin online with a number of Players and I didnt even Play myself because of this.

You will not call ANYONE of us a fucking idiot, ok ? None of the Players and None of the admins.

I asked you to stop obstructing the game....and you were not really what can I say ? And I said Report to US as I meant the clan site.....or US ingame. so where is your Problem with this ?
It only seems that you just didnt stop farting around and then I had enough of it....

I dont mind you coming on again and Heeds can lift the ban.
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15 Mar 2012
nope ban stays.

-1 Admin None ServerMessage [19:30:20] §c1001||§c1001 Welcome ZeroMemphisto from United States to our server.
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:33:07] !w redrum if i see you keep tankwhoring more and more i kick you
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:33:13] cry more noob
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:33:33] !k zero you better be quiet
-1 Admin None ServerMessage [19:33:35] KICKING!!! ZeroMemphisto YOU BETTER BE QUIET
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:34:32] wow wttff
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:34:35] why the fuck did i get kicked??
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:34:45] and wtf does be quiet mean
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:35:25] guess it doesn't matter if children admin a server with their emotions
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:35:31] games moving anyways
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:35:45] ZEro, you wann be out second time ?
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:35:58] *§1DEAD§0*wtf was the first time for?
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:36:17] i can't talk shit to a noob on the opposite team??
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:36:29] noob was campin spawn on me for 10 minutes
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:36:40] ok, i thought you meant me....
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:36:48] your a stupid fuck
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:36:53] sorry
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:37:02] no other way to say it
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:37:14] ZEro, last warning....i dont need to listen to your rubbish
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:37:17] now im on this same shit team
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:37:42] is there a NRU website online?
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:38:20] ah well..i think it says it on the server listing
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:38:57] jyou wanna keep moaning zero ? then feel free to leave

31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:39:57] bond are you the only admin here?
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:40:16] atm, yes
16 =NRU= Bond76 1 Global [19:40:22] not yet our time
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:40:28] kayy

31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:44:36] i'll take care o it
31 ZeroMemphisto 2 Global [19:44:51] everyone is pretty recordin and it'll goto the forums

31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:46:17] there's no us..there's only you
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:46:22] and your a rule breaker too..
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:46:27] who ?
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:46:32] so since i can't report an admin to an taking it to the forums
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:46:40] who is breaking rules ?
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:46:46] no one anymore
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:46:54] who was doing so ?
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:46:56] mp changed
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:47:11] i cant read chat cuz noobs spamming radio

16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:47:30] so, who was it then ?

31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:47:52] that guy bond
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:48:09] and which rule did i break dear GUEST ?
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:48:48] I am all ears....I am curious ?
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:49:05] you dont care for the server soo i cannot explain
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:49:21] ofdowf
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:49:25] ok, then feel free to go to forum....and leave all players in peace pls
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:49:25] noob alert
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:49:47] plz stop spamming chat
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:49:51] good is that we have battle recorder and no need to worry
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:49:54] 2nd infration
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:50:07] oh BR is active?
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:50:12] ah much easier
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:50:12] guy, i can write as much as i want here
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:50:40] and if YOU wanna keep playing on here than either behave or be quiet now
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:51:01] wwttfff
31 ZeroMemphisto 1 Global [19:51:07] Noob Alert
16 =NRU= Bond76 2 Global [19:51:20] !b zero obstructing game go to forum to unban
-1 Admin None ServerMessage [19:51:24] BANNING!!! ZeroMemphisto OBSTRUCTING GAME GO TO FORUM TO UNBAN

think its a bit easy first being bigmouth against the admin and than it was "to my friend". sorry dude but we and our admins really don´t need that behavior on our server.

When I came into the server Bond was saying something in the chat to someone about something but because of radio spam I couldn't see soo whatever.. I died alittle bit later, at which I wrote an obscenity in the chat due to my friend managing a kill on me with so many players..

so you can´t read anything but you could answer that:

[19:33:13] cry more noob

lesson of the day: think first, than talk and the world don´t need your answer to everything.

so ban stays. case closed
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