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6 Jan 2014
Good bye guys! Got finally baned again for nothing :D It was very fun to play with all of you. I liked to play at your BF2 servers. The main idea of the server was great - you can use the air vehicles only for transport. Everybody knows that aircraft in the Battlefield 2 are the dominant vehicles. It is the only one server when i had played in the style i like, not afraid to be killed from aircraft. I loved that in this server people dont use to camp, mostly of them are going to capture flags. I also love this aggressive style, when you are always do for flag, so as I. But seems you dont like me :D. If you dont believe that there is the guys who can play better than you, much more better, then you are welcome :D
Thanks a lot to all guys i had played with in ts server: Chriskrass, Scatha, Daffy Duck, Spunky, Deadly2009, Saddlebag, Josh, Bond76, Scavvie, Fortuna, Steffos666 and others.
cya mr madness :p knowing you ill probably run into you on Panda nation now and then XD and my balls will just be waiting to greet ya ;-) XD
Madness....ther must be a reason for ur ban,we dont ban for nothing
but are there good reasons for the ban than you have big problem on NRU...round,day,month or longer a perm ban
sometime we ban for suspicious playstyle,we check the guy/girl and give the right answer here

the admin who banned you will answer soon asp....
hi madness.

normally a reason is writen why you were banned.
i didn't play bf2 for a while but i think the reason was writen there too.
maybe it was an accident and you were not ment.
if you followed all our rules the admin who banned you can delete the ban.
let's wait who will show up here and can explain what you done wrong or if it was an accident banning you.

i can't remember that our bf2 members ban people if they are better then them :)
if it is like you said our bosses have to talk a little bit deeper with the admin who banned you .)

oh wait... i found something in our forum members area:

if this is your avatar name: this_is_madness

...they banned you because they thought you were a cheater.

i think =NRU=Scatcha will show up here very soon to explain what u have done wrong besides the cheat suspicion.
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Reason was cheating/hacking and case is closed, ban stays. Members can see thread about it in members area where is comments of several witnesses and prove discussion. And i think Madness knows himself better than nobody else why he is banned.
its all discussed the ban will stay the reasons were already mentioned in Teamspeak

dear clanm8s read the membersection and if you do so clearly ^^
well one things for sure if you write a "big grin" after your comment about being banned again, he knows why himself XD
And i think Madness knows himself better than nobody else why he is banned.
:D Of course i know why i am banned for. I was playing AT, i killed medic with my sraw. But i was low in hp, so i had to change my kit for the medic one. There were UAV under me, so i saw that someone was behind me. I turned back and killed the sniper with the sraw. That sniper was Scatha. After that i was immediately banned for cheating and kicked from TS server. That was rude i think.

But i dont even care about this. Bond76 is always blaming me for cheating each time i killes him. And if i play in a tank even a half of round in city maps (mash, jala, kark), i am being kicked for tank whoring, but the other guys who were on the apc, then in tank, then again in tank and so on and so forth in the same karkand map during 2 rounds - they are not being kicked, because they dont have the same K\D\A like me. And i am tired of this. You can just say that i am not welcomed here, and it is always easy to blame someone in cheating, if he playes good. It is not the first server where i had banned for "cheating" without the reason.

So as i said, i dont care about this, because i know the truth.
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okay. if everything is clear then. bb, madness and please cheat or disturb ts channels elsewhere...russian server are good for cheaters, here you will find friends for life i think :)

(dont know why i am writing this, because i dont know excatly what happend :) .) :) .) )
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