"go EA go EA go"

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15 Mar 2012

tbh i think they really deserved the title and amazed at how companies like them make money and fuckup while great game companies like THQ are in deep shit.

Where's the concern to gamers? The modding? The non rip-off Server providing? The real anti-hacks? Many games released with so many bugs (like nfs undercover) half the people can't play it, rest enjoy it as much as an alpha version. Even the movement of the sun is all wrong in it!

list goes on.. ok they do BF etc but these games could also be better patched.

end of rant.
i agree geno ive noticed my hit reg is completely fooked lately i cant get kills i know i should get. im not saying im leet or anything just enemy turned back to me i shoot them then they turn and kill me
Ticketmaster should of got the award too, an extra like £5 convenience fee for me printing off my own tickets how does that work?!
oh i hate Hate HATE Ticketmaster bunch of cocks they are always find ways to fuck people out of money
Banks too.. Here they put large fees on elderly if they want to pay their bills at the bank because they can't use machines. No such fees were present years ago. Also i had an idea to exchange money for a present to my stepdad when he turned 50. The idea was 50 coins of 50 cents in a treassure cheat. What did the bank tell me? Oh that is such a large amount of coins we charge 17.50€ to make the exchange!!
After i ranted at them and told them where they could shove their bloody fee for 15 mins they made an exception.

And i don't even wanna start about insurance companies.. Pfff..
AW: Re: "go EA go EA go"

i agreeeeeee u all spoke me out of my soul

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