gfx card for £150

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not looking at buying a card atm so i don't know what's hot right now but i think AMD still has the best price/performance ratio
Re : gfx card for £150

I'd like to sell my Sapphire Toxic R9 280X.
I could send it in Europe for 180€ all included.
Do you have box etc spliffy as I'm interested as long as it's good condition?
Re : gfx card for £150

Yep, only rape things as a deviant game !...

chip, I haven't any invoice but I've cut the Sapphire seal 1 month 1/2 ago as you can read here !
You can also find some pictures of the card running and some reviews that made me decide to sell it back !...
Here what I would send, the complete box etc ... :

R9 box IMG 0591

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