germany / river mosel

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NRU Heed
always nice to go for swimming at hot days. only 5 minutes from home :)


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Looks like a nice that grapes i see growing on the side......are you deep within RIESLING territory.?
this year the water is a bit cloudy but its a good water quality and at least its absolutely amazing to go in ther eif you have 35° :D oh and the hills are full of vineyards also some of my fovorite vine come from there.
Yea its a good wine....i know many consumes it here in the country.

Are you allowed to fish there?

I'll bet theres some huge catfish there.

I love fishing but when it comes down to it i only enjoy eating a few species of fish. Ever tried smoked eel?
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Great pics and I agree, a german Riesling of good pedigree is really nice. I've tried eiswein once, full of flavour and sweetness :)


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Re : germany / river mosel

oh yes very nice place ,it looks a bit like my area ,( not a small river at the bown of my home (photo facebook) but the great river with the landscape) ....very pretty picture laka ;) .
and wine yes a 12 Euro bottle it must be good .........
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Yeah its very oily/fat, but very delish with scramble eggs and on some nice wheat bread maybe a dash of mayonaise (homemade is best).

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