Geforce & Quadro In The Same Box...

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Redd Tedd

Redd Tedd

NRU Member
26 Apr 2017
South West, UK
hi all,

I've been thinking of posting this for a while, but I've been trawling other forums first.
I run a CAD workstation, hat just happens to also double as my 'funtime' machine too.

When I had it built i pegged for the Geforce GTX 980Ti, rather than the pricier Quadro card. Mainly because my CAD exploits do not involve that much heavy rendering.

What I am finding is that AutoCAD staggers quite a lot on certain commands. Generally it's quick, but say 'undo' will take a couple of seconds to refresh, also the 'layers' ribbon is really slow to scroll. This won't mean much to the non-CAD guys, but I'm hoping that maybe one or two of you can relate?

I've tried CAD forums and it's always the same talk about drivers and running two cards in the same box is about configuring the software to pick the specific driver for each application:
i.e. Geforce driver for BF4 - but making it pick the quadro card to run CAD.

The thing is that if I go to Nvidia for driver downloads it never seems to quote both types of card being compatible with one driver. So do I install the quadro driver first, then install the geforce, so they are both on there. This then enables me to configure each application via the nvidia interface and 'select' which card is used?

In practice this sounds fine, but has anyone else done this before i blow £500 on a half decent quadro card (good ones run to like £4000!) :eek:

I'm firing to the good folks of NRU as we are an eclectic crowd with many different disciplines. I find diversity often yields interesting results ;)
This that helpful reply that says I'm sure I have seen that mentioned somewhere but cannot think where it would be! :)


Had a quick look and there seems to be two answers. Yes you can and no you can't. Some said you can only have one driver installed at a time but that, to me, isn't true as my CPU has built-in video chip and needs Intel drivers to work and the GeForce also needs drivers to work and I have driven monitors off both of them and it works fine. Other answers seem to say a driver compatible with both is needed.

Windows 10 supposedly copes with multiple cards reasonably well but I guess the other hardware in the PC could limit performance or cause bottlenecks depending on the specs.

Then spotted this: "also you may want to check any xrefs to make sure you don't have any circular xrefs slowing you down. Perhaps this is a file issue rather than a card issue.". There seemed to be a few people saying that even with decent Quadro cards they still had the same issues of lags.
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i only know quadros from my old work where they thought they are good for programming Unity engine :D
(in fact german bureaucracy... it was easier to order something that has already been ordered or else we would have been waiting until it gets unlocked to get ordered for everybody... the mobile worksation only was 1000 euros more expensive than the regular gaming laptop)

*edit: in fact i also used it to create some CAD models for our simulation but that was 5% of the work
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I might be able to try at work tomorrow, think I have a spare quadro on my desk.

I'm not sure how nice it would play mixing drivers, as quadro have different sets depending what you're using it for? Can't remember been a while since using one. But I have read

"Using Geforce driver 382.05, with 2x Titan X Pascals in SLI for one monitor, and a Quadro P4000 for the other 4 did work smoothly. No issues post install."
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You're probably going to need a bigger turbo and some wide soft tyres to sort out your lags but you'll still need the right driver :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:
Next question :popcorn:
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Thanks guys for the input so far...

I found much the same thing, some say it 'works fine with both cards', some say 'can't use two drivers'
What i did find encouraging was this:
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So someone has managed to get it to work... but the cards are different. It's a bloody expensive experiment if I can't get it to work and Quadro's are crap for gaming.

My specs are:
i7-5960X @ 3ghz
GTX 980 Ti
1TB SSD doing the work as system drive and file store
4TB mech drive for archiving only

I'm very careful with circular xref's and even an xref clean drawing will suffer the same issue. In fact if its a hatch heavy drawing, it still pans around ok, but I've spent quite a bit of time fine tuning the graphics card settings within ACAD. It's just certain delays on undo/redo; flyout ribbons like the layers, etc. and overlay dialogue box really, etc.

I installed the latest AutoCAD 2018 today just to see how that went... undo was quicker; layer ribbon just as slow; zooming and panning slower... go figure:unsure:

The frustration comes in with ACAD package mainly, as Revit works perfectly fine, no lagging. my drawing work is split about 60-40 though at the moment with ACAD being the heavier load. It's very much a first world problem, but when I'm in the flow of working, the seconds delay caused by it break concentration I find... next thing I know I'm booting up BF4 and 2 hours are gone... I may have ADD :whistle:

Jes' I'm turning into a whinging old fart :oops:

Riz - it could well be the 'driver' that's the problem... I should just retire and drink beer on a porch, in my rocking chair. :):sleep:
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Annoyingly it was another geforce on my desk, I'll check out store room tomorrow.
Thanks GM (y)

I'd seen the first one which was giving me some hope. My link above comes from that one in fact.

I tried emailing Nvidia about it and never received an answer. :banghead:

The second one I hadn't seen, but had found similar ones.

It's what's making it confusing as there is little consistency.

I figured if anyone has any practical experience with them or found anything different it might help.

In my eternal optimism I've been looking for an example of someone getting it working.. maybe even a YouTube video of it :rolleyes:

my neighbor is having also a quattro. so possibly i could ask him about his driver experience :D

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Laka you silly arse :ROFLMAO:

btw - that's what it's like being a in jeep with you behind the wheel :sick::LOL:
Off topic warning....

A mate and I watched the 1981 WRC RAC Rally that started in Chester and lasted 4 days and was on gravel and forest roads. It was the first season Audi used the Quattro and you still has Escort RS cars competing. We did about 2,500 miles in a 1.3l Escort following the route over 5 days and had little sleep. Three things I remember was watching a stage during the night in a Welsh forest and being so tired I fell asleep standing up! Another was being in the Lake District and it being so foggy that my mate Steve had to sit on the bonnet of the car to try and see where we were going. No amount of fog lights helped much. The final one was back in Wales. We had watched another forest stage and and was making our way to the next one along a single track mountain-side road. Next thing we had Michelle Mouton in her works Quattro behind us and there was nowhere for her to pass. Eventually found a place she could pass and got a wave of thanks. :)

From then on you got the Group B rally monsters and the RAC Rally changed from something challenging to something like all the other WRC rounds.

I remember the outrage when Audi turned up to Pikes Peak with a Quattro.

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