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Redd Tedd

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26 Apr 2017
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What a terrific insight Glen - cheers for that. (y)

I've just been reading about Under No Flag, one of the War Stories that'll be in BFV. I love this subject and it's got me excited again about the game, typically. :joyful:

If anyone is interested in the early years of special forces, how they began and how they developed throughout WWII, this story might be fun to play. From a rogue group of soldiers who just simply didn't really find a place in regular fields of battle, to forming a small unit, then eventually becoming what you might consider almost mainstream warfare today; it's a subject I've lost many hours of my life on with books and docs. :bookworm:

Not sure it's exactly 'Game Development' I'm talking here, but it's developed my interest in the game again. If they allow for multi-player games on these missions I may just lock myself in my office for days with nutri-bars and a porta-potty! o_O:happy:


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15 Mar 2012
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I think the images above that Dice released are fascinating and much the same as animated films go from stick men to the final animated rendering. Some of the other articles and posts they have been doing do suggest that they are trying to create a story and get things right in terms of looks and game play. That may not fit into what us as individuals may want or hope for though.

The war stories from WW2 are amazing particularly how technologies were used and probably increased the pace of development significantly. The stories of individuals that fought in the war are truly humbling. Isobel’s uncle was a spy during the war and nobody knew until about 1980. Apparently his German was very good and even his German friend didn’t know he was British! Must have been hard not only being a spy and being gay during those times.

Fighting for you country when you have been called up, regardless of which side you were on, must have been a daunting prospect for the ordinary soldiers. If I ever had to I hope I would have the courage to fight but it is impossible to even imagine what it would have been like.