[BF4] Funwar against Essex Rifles? :)

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Friend of the NRU
15 Mar 2012
Hey NRU!

Just wondering if you guys would be up for a friendly scrim against my clan, Essex Rifles, sometime? :) We played each other in BF3 and was a good laugh so would be nice to repeat it again.

My clan likes the new Obliteration mode, but are happy to play anything really. Looking for about 8-12 players and we can host if you like. How would 8pm (UK time) next Thursday (22nd May) sound?

Clanwar details here: http://noobs-r-us.co.uk/clan-match-challenge/1577-funwar-essex-rifles-2.html#post24402


P.S. Nice to see the logo and header are still in use!
P.P.S Sordids is still a cock :p
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if u r searchin for easy targets, we are excatly what you are looking for.
as long as u dont want to play with official league rules like attacking uncap is allowed and all that crap i am looking forward to that match :)
Sounds good :) Well we are no pros and our previous scrim against UK1 was really close. I havent played much Obliteration mode either, but its pretty fun. Bit like Rush but first you have to get the bomb and both sides can arm! Can pick a different mode if you like though...
Lol i can imagine it already: Game starts and us bunch of noobs are asking fron each others "Guys what us should do? Anyone played that mode before?" ;) It can be fun try and see how badly we get raped becouse we propably don't waste a single thought to planning or tactics. :rolleyes:
Yes NRU:s are gods of war like Rambo and we don't need compensate lack of skill with planning, tactics etc pussy things lol. :welsh:
lol thats the spirit :D Well my tactic is usually just basically run around and shoot anything that moves (which my teammates dont appreciate if FF is on!). We could pick an Obliteration map for our two rounds, then you could pick say a Rush map for your two. Besides I know youve got some skilled players in NRU anyway despite the clan name!

So you think youll have enough for 8vs8? Could always make it 'NRU and Friends' if you wanna invite some regulars along if you think you might be short on numbers.
Ok cool :) How would these rules and settings sound? Just let me know which mode and map you guys wanna play and Ill update it later. Cheers :)

Game: Battlefield 4
Date: Thursday May 22nd
Start Time: 20:00 UK Time (try be in-game 10 minutes before) | Countdown
End Time: 22:00 UK Time (approximately)
Size: 8 vs 8 (maybe more)
Host: Essex Rifles
Server Link: Essex Rifles Server
Password: scr1mm4ge
Mode: Obliteration & Conquest Large
Rounds: 2 Rounds per Map
Time: 20 Minutes Max per Round
Other: Short Break at Half Time

ER Choose: Zavod 311 | Obliteration
NRU Choose: Golmud Railway | Conquest Large

Softcore Mode
3D Spotting On
Killcam On
Friendly Fire Off
Global Unlocks
No Baserape
All Kits and Weapons Allowed
PBBans Streaming
Spectator Allowed (max one per team)
No Communication Between Spectators and Players
No Vehicle Stealing From Base
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Lol i dont even know what is TBC but im sure we are good at it. ;) ;) Settings and rules are good, only thing i would change is killcam (camper cam) on to make camping less effective. :p
lmao! TBC - its like TDM but you can only kill players by teabagging them :p Seriously though for any non-english people it means 'To Be Confirmed' ;) Ok killcam ON!

And hey Layzee!! Yeh I remember you! Bit of a flying specialist as I recall. You should come by the ER forum again sometime and say Hi, lots of old members still there (Surfy, Dream, Nymph, Lorcas, Cyfa) :D
OK we've got our 8 players signed up and our map will be Zavod 311 (Obliteration).

Have you got enough players yet? Also what map and mode did you guys want? :)

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