Fun Night Weekend? 30 - 31st January

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25 Mar 2012
So Fannies i was wondering if your game about some fun night on bf4

we should play Classic style bf2/3 maps and then enable tk and all the shit :p i personally dont have time till the 30/31 st but im definantly game there if you Fannies are XD
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fing kewl! XD when are we gonna do it then cocos ? Friday evening? saturday or sunday? and what time ? :-3 im game all evening but we need a time for those WHO Arent xD
kewl :-3 so when can you set it up heeds ? Friday at 20:00 GMT+1?
seems like the fun night didnt happen wtf are ppl doing lol
Lol i want join yesterday for a few rounds but then Orogin tells me pls update the game,i forgot last time i join was 6 months ago !
After 1 hour updating i was too tired to play,dammit and i shaved balls especialy for you Rune ;)
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