Fun at the time. But a proper cunt to clean up.

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thats some fucked up nasty shit right there

lmao ffs I'd have spewed for sure if I was in on that
It would appear that in this game, its better to be the giver, rather than the taker. I like the fact the guys prepared himself to be shat on by wearing a pair of goggles and a swim hat, perfect, what more would you need really?

Did you press play on the video Spunky? I've never seen someone happier whilst taking a dump.
I did mate,I played it to the bitter end...the 'giver' was super pleased with himself eh lol he was gigglin like a scatty schoolboy
This is what happens when moms are proud to the extreme when little baby has done a poo poo and gets a reward.
Whatever it was looks like it's been taken down, prob for the best :p

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