Friends Are Making Fun Of Me Cuz Of Gaming Hahahaha

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10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
So yea weird things are happening here, after some of them asking me how to play BF4 & BF1 with cracked versions of the game, I told them please don't ask me that, I play only legal version of Battlefield and I don't know anything about cracked Battlefield games, they were like ''Wait what, have you actually bought the game?'' I was like yes I did buy it, I paid BF4 50€ and I paid BF1 80€ ( I lied about bf1, I paid it less it was on the sale hahahah), they said you're a sick guy, but then I continued-> mate I paid headset 80€, I paid my whole PC 1300€ and I will invest this Summer 600€ into it with upgrading some stuff, and I will spend 500€ on 2 brand new monitors, and one more thing I'll buy a keyboard & mouse for 300€ just cuz you guys laugh at me, now you'll have one more reason to be laughing at me :3 And they continued like before but I said again ''But listen you may smoke
a box of cigarettes which is around 2.5€ each day, you may buy yourself shoes which cost more than 100€,you may buy yourself few joints every weekend you go out, but I don't do so, I save money for stuff I like, I don't say anything to you because you smoke,you drink af and you do other stuff, so please don't talk shit to me''
I don't understand some people, even tho I won't really spend that much money since I'm don't have it, but I don't get it why do people judge just because I do something I like & cuz I do stuff in which I enjoy doing :/

This is only one picture of Balkan, the territory where everyone who's bit different is being judged by others, the same works with big companies OH THEY ARE THIEVES; THEY STEAL MONEY, wow why do you care? Your father works by them, without them you wouldn't have any money for bread, you wouldn't have money to pay bills, they myb aren't clean as a company, but still they keep you alive....People here need to learn to respect each other, but since that's never going to happen, the future ain't bright for us.
Yes everywhere the same. What does it other people concerns how much you spent on somthing?!
And btw a pack cigarettes for 2,5€ :D here it's already 6€ and more.... good I stoped smoking 4 years ago...
Whilst getting something for "free" is nice, so often buying hacked games even for a few € means that some criminals are usually benefiting and others suffering. Like most things in life you eventually have to review your attitudes to things and how you want to feel after making a choice. Your friends purchase of hacked copies of games doesn't just mean they get free or cheap games or software. It means WE pay more for the games to cover the cost of them not paying.

I use an old version of Photoshop and Lightroom that I paid for. I could use free programs to do the same thing but for me I don't find they do what I want them to do. I could get a subscription and have the latest version but I don't want to continually pay for something.

A few times I have been waiting having a coffee in a supermarket cafe for the car to be serviced and listened to people talking. You hear people saying they don't have enough money for clothes yet they are having a big breakfast costing £6 whilst checking Facebook on a phone that is costing them at least £40 a month and then buying 20 cigarettes at nearly £10 a pack (prices in € are nearly the same!). It is about priorities.

Watched a program on TV last night where a family of parents and 3 kids were spending about £620 a week (£32,000 a year on food)!!!! :eek: What the hell are the eating! Caviar on steak? We spend about £50 on food and eat well. We still have treats and we enjoy the food we have.

If we go shopping in France we stick up with decent beer as it is costs about £2 a bottle less than in the UK. I could buy cheap beer here but I like to enjoy it. Often see Brits in France buying cases of their cheapest beer. I would rather have one beer a week that I enjoy that have a few of stuff I don't enjoy. We all make choices. As you get older you get to realise it is your choices based on what you can afford that affect you.

You should never change you values to fit in.
@Mr.X here it's not that expensive, that's the main reason why many of the bus drivers (who work for Bosnian companies) are smuggling cigarettes to Germany-Nederland-Austria-Switzerland and others...
@glenwilson '' £620 a week'' holy cow :eek:
Here in Bosnia some stuff is cheaper but that's cuz people earn here for a month as much money as you earn (with a decent job) in Germany for a week :/
It was a good job I was sitting down when they £620 a week!! In a month we are about £250 for all food, drink and house cleaning stuff and so on and we still have good food and treats. With my wife being vegetarian I don't have meat that often so that possibly makes a difference. I do have meat products when we have burgers or hot dogs as I'm not so keen on the veggie versions. But for pies, curries and so on there are plenty of very tasty veggie alternatives.

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