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4 Aug 2012
Hi all , having recently understood what this is i did try it on noobs server but i could move view with mouse ie. to look around ,but none of the movement keys would work ie. wasd or my normal keys which are the arrows on right near numpad on keyboard ..... anyone know where i am going wrong ?
thanks, rich.
i just sooooo cant wait to try this out :)

""and the game is over, and it loads up the new map

DO NOT SPAWN INTO GAME. (When you have the mini map on screen DON'T CLICK a SPAWN POINT ....close that minimap by clicking the cross on the top right hand (theres an X )
you then have FREE CAM"" or is it just when a new map loads rather than when you join server mid game?
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for me its random mate,it workes now and again and for me it seems to work best on the standard bf2 maps,

you should have fraps ready to record as its a eye opener watching some of the people you thought you knew lol

so i dont think your doing anything wrong xxx
Many thanks Jim ...sooooo gutted i cant do it know .. l feel like a kid at christams time :) lol
i just gotta have it now :)
so is it the same with you, you just kind of freeze and can look but not move ?
I think you mean the view you can watch the map? then just press space when youre not ingame and you can move with WADS over the map. Is thats what you mean?
hi sek, i think so but have just tried the space key and it made no difference ??
you have to be at least one time in game and then next time youre dead and when you have the minipap and you press space you can switch to freeview but only works on servers where freeview is enabled.
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