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NRU Member
17 Nov 2012
bedford, uk
now im mot working ive got more free time so i was thinking why not spend it with a bunch of nutt jobs :)
so i guess i better sign up. most of you know i play fair. and play as a team im always on your server eather bf2 or bf3 .
and help you guys out by making sure retards that cant read rules obey them by any means possible:)
some of you have known me for a while in game and know i dont take take any shit even if your on our side or not you will play fair or you can feck off out off our game!
so there it is plain and simple !. so say what yah gotta say as i know you all will:).. regards romm.........
Yeah.. Please edit the first post here with the list of info so laka can do the obligatory backgroundchecks, you can get your recommendations and get the app going m8.

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