Free Battlefield 4 Shortcut Kits Premium - how does it work?

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NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
Yes I'm stupid but I just don't get it - just click that Premium link, get confirmation and that's it?
ohh, now i am remember about that. look into your origin store about that free shortcuts and "buy" it. should be cost nothing. after that i got it for free. just clicking like it said into battlelog don´t worked for me.
Guys don't go on origin looking for them in the battlelog go to store and find them at the bottom
pfff ;) nobody needs cheatpacks^^ you noobies ;) ok pistols were a pain in the ass to unlock and dmrs too ;)
I played Pistol only -games with xp-boosts while double xp was active. :p It's not bad, others have to use pistols too and you have equal weapons. Except you die half of times when asshole who don't understand or care about rules shoots you with big guns. ;) Unlocking of shitgu... shotguns and especially DMR:s was more annoying. They are useless junk and playing with them against real guns was so terrible bullshit i had to give up with DMR:s. I got 2 last DMR:s with that Shortcut offer. :p
I'll have no ill talk of DMRs ! They are quite awesome. You need to change up the play style when using them. They excel at medium to long ish range....Running in like rambo to anyone equiped with AR or carbone is gonna get you killed....But plinking away from behing cover is gonna drop ppl pronto

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