forum is a little broken

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3 Dec 2012
Worcestershire, UK
new posts view (from the front page) doesn't seem to be working properly and when posting something a php parse error appears. or at least i think that's what it is, i can't copy and paste it quick enough before it disappears :p
Yer the latest update for vBulletin has been a pain in the arse. The php one is just a warning about deprecation nothing too worrying. I'll look into the new posts thing hopefully when I get some free time this week or next. I can still view the new posts I take it that works for you guys still?
it's viewable but just doesn't display correctly for new posts as some new posts get shown below the line for "The threads below have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts."

cheers mate
I think the new post thing is fixed (at least for me now) if not just clear your cache and try again
Pretty sure the other problem is fixed too, anyone can confirm?
just checking

Yep All ok, no more update appearing for a first post
Is it me or does the browser back button not work on here? Tried IE/Chrome (washes mouth out with acid for saying that)/Safari but clicking on browser's previous button doesn't do anything.

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