Forth Rail Bridge

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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Was in Edinburgh today getting the car fixed and noticed that today, 125 years ago the Forth Rail Bridge was opened for use. As I was nearby and the weather was quite reasonable I thought it was worth a trip. I thought it was going to be quite busy as there was going fly pasts by some vintage aircraft but there were few people about. So managed to get a few photos and a bit of video. Photos from my phone and video from the GoPro. Had I planned to go there I would have had a camera or two and a couple of other lenses but didn't want to leave them in the car whilst it was being fixed.

In the middle photo you can just make out the pylons of the new road bridge that is being built.



  • FRB_Panorama.jpg
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  • Forth Bridges Panorama.jpg
    Forth Bridges Panorama.jpg
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  • Forth Rail Bridge.jpg
    Forth Rail Bridge.jpg
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And here are a couple of variations to the panorama.


  • FRBs BW.jpg
    FRBs BW.jpg
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  • FRBs dark.jpg
    FRBs dark.jpg
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Nowadays, almost everything is described as “iconic” and it’s rather sad to see that some words are gradually losing their true meaning.
In the case of the Forth Railway Bridge, however, the use of the word “iconic” is absolutely correct, for it is not only a famous Scottish landmark and an impressive sight but also a triumph of engineering and ingenuity which is still in use today.

Beautiful pictures, Glen, thanks for sharing. :)
Agree about things being "iconic". Should only really be applied to something that is different and groundbreaking from anything before it or something that defines an item or object. The first Upright Hoover is probably a reasonable example as most vacuums have been similar since. Though there were other tablet style computers before it the first iPad defined what most recent tablets look like.

I never get fed up seeing the bridge, it is fascinating to just look at the structure and different weather gives it all sorts of atmosphere. For ages it had scaffolding around parts of it so there were bits hidden but since that work was completed you get good views of it. Never been on a train on it though. Something I should really do.

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