for glenwilson ..LOOOL

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The Result...

Jeez, I nearly pissed myself laughing at those pictures. And at my age that takes a lot of will power not too. My car wasn't that bad but the attack did add a bit of colour to the bland silver it is. And I'm not going to take a photo of bird poo...

Plus, I now know what goeland means!

Thanks, made my day!
Haha. It's no mine! Too old and, er, large for one of those. A lot of the sites I take photos at have a lot of gulls about. Often I' presented with a car covered in poo. Oh you can photoshop that out. Nope, you can wash it off...

I'm guessing the cars in the pics above have been abandoned or owners on holiday.

Anyway, every time a bird poos on the car now I have scrambled eggs as revenge!

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