Football WC in Brazil

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15 Mar 2012
Halmstad - Sweden
So, time for yet another footie feast... Think it's quite hard this time to name a winner but these are my semi-finalists: Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain with Italy as a contender for one place there.

Gold - hmmm, Argentina maybe if Messi finds his form again and with Suarez in good shape? Brazil if the home advantage is just that? Germany as a strong team force and if they throw in that fabulous player Lakaelo? Spain again if they can be motivated enough?

Sweden is luckily not qualified, our squad is probably the worst we've had since the early 80s... :(

Any thoughts?

PS I assume England is already world champions in the UK tabloids :D
anyone who knows ANYTHING bout football sees that
(I don't)
Im thinking Brazil or Spain but going to place a bet on Holland and Portugal simply for the good odds being quoted.
In our works sweepstakes I got USA and Greece, so there goes my money >_>
as the Dutchies playing as this eve,then the tournement shall ended quick
but iff they win the first match against Spain than im hopefull for the next matches and probley they gonna be the champions
spain, brazil and my outsider-tipp is belgium cause they have some really good young players like mirallas, hazard playing together with people like good ol' daniel van buyten. they played an amazing qualification.
I would like England to win but have no expectations of that happening. No particular preference otherwise.
I'd love to see England or Germany making it....wishful thinking 3rd idea would be the Ozzy's :)
Though I doubt they survive 1st round....
Indeed I think the usa and oz might get knocked out in the group stages

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