fooling around with c4

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NRU Heed
lol we trying some stuff lmao lot of fun guys.




Ok enjoy :D


Just noticed at 0.14 seconds Medic is Tbaging the floor just by the rock on left hand side, LMFAO
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Another One.... (sorry could not edit and insert it into other Post wouldn't let me ?????) Ok enjoy the stat padding lmao

Lak how are you recording your sound? It sounds really weird and tinny
you need more guys to make them fly higher. add some mines to it. :p

wonder which jeep will fly the highest? Tried it on a tank?

but great vids. raining jeeps.
Yeah was good fun, let's try it again with more C4 whores :)

Yeah geno, we tried it on a LAV but it didn't work... Also a Little Bird wasn't working, I guess jeeps work the best :D
i'll join ya if i can and if you're doing it again. just see if i'm on xfire or battlelog and give me a shout please. i can add the mines.
taking a break with the beer tonight. might have some tomorrow.

but.. adding mines proved to really give the jeep a boost. broke some records tonight with t11medic, kynt and dark while starting the bf3 nofly server.
the more mines the merrier, but someone has to be the detonator with 6 c4. concentrated explosives does the trick.

so lots of eng guys and one c4 guy should do it.

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