First screenshots of BF4

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Certainly looks like min dx11 only.
How many of you are buying BF4, is it worth it atm? I like BF3 and have 65 levels left :p haha....Whats your opinion about the new release?
Lol dual sights, saw it in the video as well, might be interesting... Tempted to pre-order but I first wanna see some multiplayer footage adn wanna know what the extras really are...
whatched the trailer, looks to me like a bad company version of BF3 X_X

well.. looks like BF3 to me..
AW: First screenshots of BF4

Ill only preorder if I get ALL the DLCs and Premium and shit. I don't want to buy it afterwards. Was happy with the BF3 Premium Edition and I guess I will be with further Premium services. Sad that they don't provide free maps as they did with the patches in BF2. But that's how the thigs roll. I was very impressed by the trailer, but I am an enthusiast :D Want to see Multiplayer and all the features, squad, commander, naval? before I buy it :D
Well I wasn't really impressed by the trailer (thought maybe because it's all sp) first thing aren't all the vehicles in it the same as BF3? I noticed that fucking sun is back to blind everyone, I still don't know why Dice ruin their level design with massive lens flare. Also I wish they would concentrate on mp for BF and leave the story telling to the BC series. I will still buy it lol but I hope they improve mp from BF3 so it's actually a different game, and make it so this isn't just essentially a bf3 map pack (also less of the fucking large maps which are barren where air and tanks kill everything).

Basically it looks like they just took bf3 and MoH and shoved them together

(Also is it just me or does this look like it's played on console? The movement is extremely smooth for a mouse)
Time between BF3 and BF4 is so short im fearing that is just like getting new maps to BF3 with more beautiful graphics. Im never played BF3 but still suspecting that. :p
Not impressed with what I've seen so far, just looks like the early release trailers for moh... I will wait to see what they offer for mp because sp doesn't interest me at all, don't think I even played bf3 sp.

agree with doubts re timescale, they have released moh & been working on dlc for bf3 & completely new bf4 at the same time???
Looks nice and I think the MP will show the real value of it. Don't think DICE will let EA screw up this game - or maybe it's just wishful thinking. As long as they don't try to CODify BF4 it should be fine. One thing I noticed in the trailer (and what strikes me when going back to BFBC2) is that both your own player and the others move in a more realistic manner the newer the BF game is, a quite important feature if you ask me.

Will wait for a bit to pre-order though (but will of course buy it eventually...).
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My concern is it just looks like another BF3 update. not something which has the same addictive squad play as Bf2 had.

Not sure I'm ready to be bum raped by again EA so soon.
Just watched the trailer fully again & whilst I cant argue that it looks real pretty the same questions re gameplay are unanswered so until mp details are released I will not be pre ordering, there area a lot of nice game releases due so they will have to earn my $$$

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