First impressions of the trial

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15 Mar 2012
after playin the first round i must say this. this is a very good running game. siege is a great map. weather is fine on it :)...
no serious. this is a very good version of bf2. the first player i started to play and was promoted after the first round with a positive k/d.

tanks a that good to ride. liked it base jumping from the 34 floor or so straight to the next flag.
no laggs. hand weapons are great and the kill messages are flashing in the background in the middle of ur screen so slightly that u can play on without any disturbing effects.

what do u guys (and mari) think after playing the first round?
Cos he's in the random alpha trial...? And might of technically broken the NDA :p

I'm stuck in hotel till at least friday m8 so it will be a while before I can give my gaming feedback.
However via teamviewer I have downloaded and installed and tested it and it seems to run OK(ish) so come friday I should be able to give more info on my experience
I hope you do Loefty casue when u do I'm gonna rat you out and be made Senior Alpha tester ! ! ! muahahahahahha Its all comming together lovely
what round! How do u get to play?

my origin showed the trial download sign monday afternoon. first i thought this is a virus or sth because i couldnT imagine that they start it so soon. after reading the battlelog news i installed it and since yesterday there where servers. i joined one of them in germany and played a round and was amazed :)
recieved an e-mail with the following text this night at 3 am:


As a highly dedicated Battlefield player, we're enlisting you to join the Battlefield 4 Alpha Trial. The purpose of this trial is to perform a number of server-related tests in preparation for game launch, plus to garner your feedback on the new game.

The Alpha Trial version of the game will be available to download in your Origin "My Games library"" on June 17. The trial will run for two weeks, with the game available for testing between 18:00 - 00:00 CET (09:00 - 15:00 PDT) each day.

You have been specifically selected for this trial because of your experience with the Battlefield series, and because you have opted-in to receive all Battlefield communications.

Please note that this is a highly tech-focused, white-boxed Alpha Trial that does not represent final quality of the game. Most of the level textures will be white (except Soldiers and Vehicles), and performance at this early stage of development will be potentially choppy, with possible issues such as server lag and downtime.

If you choose to join this trial, you must agree to not publicly post information, images or videos from the game, or your impressions of the game itself. We have set up a closed Alpha Trial forum specifically for this purpose - see below for details.

Everyone here at DICE looks forward to your participation and feedback!

Patrick Bach
Executive Producer, Battlefield 4
You have been specifically selected for this trial because of your experience with the Battlefield series, and because you have opted-in to receive all Battlefield communications.

thats the important part of this story. just look at my settings in and i dont have opted-in to reveive all mail stuff. so i change it possible that helps.
at least i have a positive k/d of 1.44 and am up to rank 1 :)
just played bf4 and seems ok and its nice to use elevator because i have bad knee lol
sad thing is that most of the time 20 enemies are waiting at c in the penthouse in front of the elevator. good thing is when you have a heli and manage it to get to c to shoot the whole penthouse down.
yes thats true quite a good camping place just wait for elevator lol
no email i have it in origin few days but downloading it yesterday

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