First experiences of BF4 here please

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Some of you guys are tested it now and would be nice if you share your experiences here. Tell everything you know or noticed to me and other curious noobs. What is new, what is different? What is good, what is bad?

Personally i have problems decide should i buy that Digital Deluxe or wait physical disk version month? Is game stable enough to enjoyable gameplay now? I also appreciate if people tells how was buying from Origin, was there problems etc. Especially would be cool know how other finnish cocks did get their BF4 and can i pay it with Osuuspankki internet bank account? Plan B is use my sisters credit card and give her price of game. Plan C is wait i can buy BF4 from local stores. :p
its a bit laggy at the moment :D but i asked whole server had the problems just unoptimized how it looks like because i had a ping of 9 ;)

rocketlauncher is much better than before not flying as slow as you sprint anymore ;)

gunfight on distance is different :D you have to hitfire again and not just hold your mouse against the richoche :D

you die very fast on closequartercombat (too fast in my opinion but thats only mine)

thats all experience i got after 10 minutes

and its NO bf3.1 :D it has a nice feeling but its not looking like bf3 (i didnt drive a tank yet but shanghai is a fucking tankmap ;) but you can take em out very fast)

and if you get into cover you have cool anymations :D
sraw is not playable at the moment -.- i totally did want to play that im still looking forward to test sraw :D my antitankweapon of choice
How's the running speed compared to BF2? I've read somewhere BF4 might even be a bit faster than BF3 running wise. I wish they'd reduce speed a bit or include a generous amount of stamina (more than in BF2) just to slow the game a bit down.

Is the commander already available?
its absolutely nice. runningspeed is slower as bf3 i guess. first i thought, "shit what a crap" but after some minutes i understand the new gameplay and now after some hours i have to say " its fantastic" absolutely balanced, also this tank map. heli´s also not so overpowered. way better as supposed.
I think it's wise let somebody else take first try and learn from problems and mistakes of others. Hmmm... After reading all horror stories from finnish nerd forum i think i should wait and buy BF4 later from store. For example several people cursed how buying failed and they lost 2x their money from bank account, EA customer service phone don't work etc. Game crashes all time or is almost unplayable becouse fps freezes constantly etc. And only one map to play... Not worth of all trouble, i decided buy it later when it's stable and more enjoyable to play. :p
First impression: big let-down. Very sluggish response, almost unplayable. Hope it's a temporary thing and/or due to to high settings (used auto). Ping was fine and still... :(
@all think this game is gonna be demanding on your pc to some degree... so advise to

All graphics to minimum to start with
Network something factory to 0% made a big difference
Turn motion blur off
Scope blur off i think ???
Updated drivers to Beta 331.40 (Nvidia) made a lot off difference as well

This morning lag was horrendous
Found servers which were great or lag has gone

But i must say the game is bloody brilliant far better than BF3 to begin with like laka says far better balance all round

My opinion :p
nvidia betadrivers are important !

without i had serious framedrops ^^
how andy said. put the grafics on low and start to increase it more and more. i doing the mistake to think i had a good card with my gtx 760 and put the settings on high ( laggy and stutter ) than to auto ( laggy and stutter ) after that i tried it up from low and now i have 50-60 fps and it runs fine.
theyre always crap at this stage, as heikki says best let other mugs try it first.... oops lol
Can you keep your progress with beta version after official game release or do you have to start again from zero? You family guys get some head start. :D I as nolife single guy got 41 star colonel rank in 4 months of BF3 lol so i will propably reach your levels soon in BF4. :welsh:
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Heikk bf4 is fun.the spotting thing is did so I keep saying sorry instead of shooting.I was on a 90 ping server with the guys and I had great hit reg.damned fun game
They ALWAYS reset your stats before the real game, been that way with BF3 and will be again... Think they even mention they can/will do it during the Beta, maybe when the "open" beta begins you get reset to prevent people from facing a "wall" of experience... On the Alpha the reset a couple of times so best expect that...

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