First Experience With Bf5


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25 Dec 2016
Soooooo... Yeah i'm still alive.
as usual, busy studying, busy satisfying my s/o and my friends. wait that doesn't sound right... but yeah so little time and so much games i wanna play so no more bf4 for me.
Gotta say i enjoy BF V. It's not perfect, but bf4 was also a disaster at the beginning.
Even though i didn't want to do anything with EA anymore as they ruin everything and are just spewing hell on developers,
I still got that game since i have that problem that if i have some games of the same title, i gotta have all xD.
So, if i overlook the sjw propaganda bull**** EA shoves everywhere, and overlook my disappointemt the Politicly correctness censorship and pissing over history (oh, i miss call of duty 1 and 2 days),
the game is enjoyable.
I've noticed that there are TONS of hackers according to youtube but i don't know if i've seen one.
However i do hope they'll deal with it and won't just be useless like the legendary useless VAC system valve implements. (If anyone played cs:go and/or know lichtenstein, > THIS < comes to mind a lot XDDDD)

Gotta say tho, you always can notice EA published games, if not for the stuff stated above - for the pressure they give to developers just to do things fast, screw the authenticity, screw gameplay, just give us the money.
For example, i made a stupid silly mistake, my friends were practicly begging me to pre-order anthem and i promised i'd never preorder anything from EA (also that they burn so that bioware and dice will still have a chance at redemption) anyway i bought anthem.
now, i do enjoy BioWare, just really pissed at EA since andromeda could've been so much better. now the've been teasing anthem for long, and if i'm not wrong worked on it for 6 years or so. now a triple A company, working on such a game, you'd expect much more from them. Anthem was a failure in my and my friends' eyes and there are too many reasons why. we want our money back. - what's funny, Warframe on the other hand is a free game, and it has just so much more in it, DE is an Amazing company imo.

Anyway i'm getting off tracked here,
BF V is not bad, come play.


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I think the trouble with BF5 is that ‘it isn’t bad’. I have had some fun playing it and don’t regret buying it like I do with BF1. I still get a lot of pleasure from BF4 though.

BFV isn’t infested with hackers but like BF1 there are quite a few kills where you think how? Often because thee is an object between you and your killer that even allowing for bullet drop wouldn’t be possible. Trying to get a tank or plane in BFV is also like waiting for a unicorn to eat acorns out of your hand. Probably more chance of the unicorn than getting a tank or plane!