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NRU Heed
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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I use Final Cut Pro for video editing as it provides a lot of tools in the basic package and allows for most video formats to be used as is without any conversation beforehand. Microsoft Movie Maker does a reasonable job for simple clips and I have tried Adobe's Premiere but just don't get on with that. Doing some stuff in FCP can take a lot of practice and results can be inconsistent. I stumbled across FCPeffects and they do some plugins that I quite liked. One is the action camera plugin. Like the lens correction you get in Photoshop this removes the distortion you get on GoPros and similar cameras. Another one I got was the dual screen option where you can have multiple shots in one frame. Not something you would use that much but sometimes it will be useful. The final one I got is sharpening. This is useful for cleaning up dull shots.

Today I was just playing with two cameras mounted on the car (one on the windscreen inside) and one low on the front bumper. I applied all three plugins to this clip just as an experiment. The two minute clip to 90 mins to render even on an i7 4 core with multithreading! The short journey was from Linlithgow towards home, nothing exciting. Hardest part was trying to get both clips synced even when using the door slam as a sync point it took a while to get it close. Of course both top and bottom were meant to be the same size!

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Music was in FCP so shouldn't be any YouTube music rights issues. I've had people claim that garden bird sounds was their song - some trance club shite. Annoy the hell out of me for them doing that when it is so obviously a money grab. Usually the same people and same song no matter what the sound they "hear".

FCP is worth the money (I think) as you can do the simple stuff but also a lot of the more pro stuff too. I mainly use the Mac Mini as a media server as it is quiet, small and you can hide it out of the way. Doesn't use much power either. I mainly got it for learning app development. Could really do with a Mac Pro but a decent spec one for video is about £8,000 which is a bit much for doing holiday videos, being a media centre and being a door stop! :)

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