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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Following on from the religion topic, here is something I do believe in! My favourite beers (no particular order):

Chimay Blue
Sam Adams
Leffe brun draft
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Old Peculiar
I live in Maine and we have a great craft brewery scene.I like local beers like shipyard , Gearys, grittys, I also love Sam Adams all there beers are great.I also love.dog fish had they have A 90 minute IPA that is amazing. As for cheap beer I drink coors light mostly.fir international beers I love red stripe Jamaican lager, Heineken, corona, Molson, Guinness, Stella, I love love love unfiltered what beer asks heiffenweisen (spelling?) To be honest I'm a true fan off all beers be it lagers ales stouts I love beer
We part plan US holidays around beer availability! The craft beer scene in the UK is improving but the variety and depth in the US is great. For European beers it tends to be Belgian trappist style - just love them. Not so keen on the lager types though some of the German beers are definitely an exception.

My first job when I left school was analysing beers! Part of that training was a three month beer tasting course which when you are 16 was amazing. Many a time went home pidrunk through work! Disapproving looks from my Mum but my Dad was kind of pleased!
Almost everything goes but mostly i buy finnish basic lagers becouse they are cheap and good. Sometimes i want something different and try beers from other countries if store have imported beers too.
Almost all beer is good, when i see bad beer i will give you tip to avoid that brand lol. :)

But im Koffman like Duffman of The Simpsons. :D "KOFFMAN OHHYEAAAH!!!" :tbag:


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AW: Favourite beers


I like local beers from Stuttgart like HOFBRÄU or DINKELACKER mmmmmmhhhhhhh.

My Favorit beer is Heineken i love it :) but 4 months since i do not drink anymore beer or alcohol..WHY? i dont no?

Chriskrass Finally someone I can talk with... Heineken is my favorite too, although I won't turn down any other beer as long as its nice and cold...
Hard question :D

but franconia the part of bavaria which isnt bavaria ;) specificly what we call Mittelfranken and Oberfranken has its own beer culture ;)

We call our beer Kellerbier you would say cellarbeer ;)

Our forefathers digged caves to keep the beer cold in summer :D

And those are colled Keller ;) Thats where our beer has its name from...

The beer is brewed in a special way... you have to drink it to know what i mean :D

If you want to know how its brewed ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kellerbier

So i only drink Kellerbier i HATE any kind of Pils!

I liked the beer of Denmark especially the Ale, but to come back to the question my favourite beer is Hofmann, Hallerndorfer and Weiherer ;)

all local little stuff ;)

i dont drink beer of big companies if i can avoid it NO shit in MY beer xD

(thats the only thing in common with bavaria and franconia we both have the Bayrisches Reinheitsgebot )

lol maybe i missused this thread but i thought it could be interesting^^
Not an expert or anything but in no particular order:

Hertog-Jan - Pils ( small local brand, but hugely popular in the area )
Leffe Blond - Blond beer
Paulaner - Blond beer
Grolsch - Pils
La Chouffe (blond, sweet, strong!)
La Chouffe (blond, sweet, strong!)

Have tried (and liked) La Chouffe but a little expensive in the UK (and because of the tax most beers) which is why this time next week I will be in France stocking up for personal use (though have to share with the wife who also loves beer). Love Leffe draught even more than the bottled.

Looks like Maine may have to be on our holiday list!
erdinger weissbier
or nearly every bavarian beers, never drunk one which didnt taste good
carlsberg special brew ..... i know, we have mentioned this before :)
but i like it :)
only 1 or maybe 2 mind !
i dont drink beer eighter but i do like a good dram of scotch now and then

this is one of the news from glengoyne that was released a few months ago :)

this is the original promotion picture from glengoyne. however i couldnt help but feel something was missing that echoed the cosyness of a dram.


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so i remade the picture so it contained what i felt was missing :)

what do you guys think? this inspires cosyness and tradition more than the original promotion picture ? :)


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