Farm life just want to show u my work :D


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19 Sep 2020
Is the new workplace better than the old one? :)
its much better first i get 3 euro brutto more then before whats a lot for me because i got before mindestlohn ^^ and now also the tractors are bigger and also the machines ^^ today and yesterday was a bit "anstrengend" because we are "am roden" and i have to stay all the day on the mashine and pick stones and bad potatos out of the "förderband" and we are working now like 10h or more everyday ^^ but when the "ernte" is done and i go on the fields for "bearbeitung" i can drive with GPS (Lenk system) that means the traktor is almost driving alone and i can do what ever i want :D also driving naked or have sex xD


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looks like no wanking with that hand, for some time.

fap GIF

but you can be glad its not cutting off....


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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I think those pics were probably exactly what the spoiler function was designed for. 😁

Was wondering if you ever find any old artefacts when working the fields? It always surprises me that land that has been farmed for years still turns up treasures, coins and so on. Obviously being on a large vehicle you are not going to spot small coins but some larger items.