Farm life just want to show u my work :D

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Its funny when i make a normal video qith my normal camera of my phone tje file's are to large but if i use what's app its working xD
I would be sooooo bad at that. I am not OCD about stuff otherwise my models would never ever be finished. I probably lean towards being a perfectionist for some things though. I know the flooring I have done, and about to do isn't and will not be perfect but only a few people are ever going to see it. Doing that in a field though I would be like, oh crap, that isn't quite straight, someone will see it, I need to do that again. What if it is on Google/Apple maps and it is notable. 😱

That aside, really like the videos. It is fascinating watching that being done. Would be interested in seeing the full cycle of what happens. Easy to think that you just plough it up chuck a few seeds down, wait a few months, send out some folk to harvest it and do it again. 😊

For me I can upload a video of about 6 seconds out of the phone without doing anything to it. For anything longer you need to scale it or compress it.

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