extra no fly server???

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24 Mar 2012
Stoke on trent
Just to say i had a quick chat with an nru member laast night about the use of the reserved spots as the server does get full of an evening and after much swearing on ts3 by.... me of course i accept the fasct tht nru should get priority spots of course( yes im agreeing with u mr scatha but my spatula is still ready to throw), so my question is does the fact it fills so well mean theres a possibility of a 2nd one opening( again scatha discussed with me lol)

many thanks and io apologise profusley and profoundley if i seem to be a spammer (hehehehe)

the awful mr dwibbles
Is there way change settings how much different vehicles there is? If we would get another BF2-server, i think it would be cool if you can set off tanks and add more cars. It would be nice play all maps sometimes without tank f...huggers. I like more infantry fighting but god damn how much i hate infantry servers, they sucks becouse they are all SameOldKarkandForever-servers. Full of bunnyhopping medics, bunnyhopping GL-only assaults, nadespammer supports and snipers who put clays to flags. :( I get pissed every time i go to other servers, that's why i like NRU and it's people and regulars so much.

Dwibbles, it's nice you are more active in forum now. It gives people chance know you better and that helps with your application too.
No i meaned people who propably suffers agoraphobia and are never outside of armor when playing BF2. And propably masturbates with pics/videos about tanks. :D
I want my city maps server back lol !!! good times good times (...fucking BF3 ....)
lol nicely thought out reply mr hekki n yes im more active here for app lol but u know me in game also matey but yes more cars and transport ehicles v less armour is v good idea mate
It was tank fuckers but i stopped it and replaced it with huggers. Like you are saying something straight but then you stop and say soft way, you know? Important information lol. :D
Lak, lmao :D

Heikk, no change to add some cars/remove tanks etc because you can't mod a ranked server...
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That would be cool, i support that idea. Citymaps are most entertaining stuff becouse of short distances and lots of inf rambo action. And there is some cover against tanks.

Crn: Im still wondering, there is inf servers where you don't have nades, GL:s and clays and these servers are still ranked. How is that possible?
Why not have nades or not using tanks??? Use them all. I think that Sek means, that in City Maps you can't use armor without infantry support, while in open area armor has more power even without inf.
I think that keeping a tank in urban map is quite an issue, repair it, clearing mines, defend it from C4 cocks... Sharqi, B.Pearl, Karkand and Jalalalabad - yes from me :)

well, try to launch it - and lets see what happens, may be more bots will be required
Crn: Im still wondering, there is inf servers where you don't have nades, GL:s and clays and these servers are still ranked. How is that possible?

err we have no air combat and are still ranked!
If I remember right there is an option to set cars on I/O?! wasnt there a BIB server who only had cars ?
SEK there is difference, on NRU guns of aircraft are not disabled. But for example at Silent Peacemakers -inf server nades, GL:s and clays are disabled. And that server is ranked, it's my favorite inf server becouse of that.

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