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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Eurovision Song Search
Another song search but this time they are either Eurovision winners or were contestant songs in the 2016 competition. There are 34 to find.

Dona said ‘Take the blue and red pills, they will help you fly’.

The offer was met with the sound of silence. The other person said ‘Play the real thing because I hear them calling for it’.

Dona said, ‘What’s the pressure? Slow down this isn’t 1944! Save your kisses for me while you are making your mind up.

The other person said “I’m not listening to you. La,la,la, don’t you understand I’m not your puppet on a string!”

From the corner Nicole wanted to shout “Ein bißchen Frieden” but all she could feel only teardrops falling from her satellite eyes. Meanwhile the other person had taken the pills and everybody was performing wild dances in the crowd and singing “Why me? I wanna fly on the wings of love”

Nicole spoke again ”Boom bang-a-band went the guns, I stand with Waterloo heroes that will rise like a phoenix as if made of stars”. Her face beamed like a lighthouse as if it were an alter ego. The crowd shouted “You are the only one ghost!” And in the beat of a heartbeat she disappeared as if made of stars and a euphoria enveloped them like a fairytale.
This one’s really difficult.

I have to admit that it’s not easy to recall all the “new” songs, while the “older” ones suddenly spring to mind:

1. Dona
2. Sound Of Silence
3. Hear Them Calling
4. What’s The Pressure
5. Save Your Kisses For Me
6. Making Your Mind Up
7. La, La, La
8. Puppet On A String
9. Ein bißchen Frieden
10. Only Teardrops
11. Satellite
12. Wild Dance
13. Why Me?
14. Fly On The Wings Of Love
15. Boom Bang-A-Bang
16. Waterloo
17. Rise Like A Phoenix
18. Ghost
19. Euphoria
20. Fairytale

Glen, thank you for all the time and effort which you put into this quiz!
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