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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
If you want to do a lot of Ethernet cabling then it is worth doing them yourself rather than buying individual cables. The lot below costs about £25 and you can make the exact length you need. A 5m ready mady is about £6. They are easy to do - loads of vids on youtube.

Cable : £17.99 (I got 200m for about the same price ages ago)
Amazon product ASIN B007JIRL8A
RJ45s 100 for £1.52
Amazon product ASIN B001D2IJLG
Crimper £2.37
Amazon product ASIN B004J02DRU
Cable Tester: £3.59
Amazon product ASIN B007CJUEDA
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The cable tester is well worth it. If you are running Ethernet over a long distance you can feed cables through walls as required and then cut to the length you need (do allow a bit extra for adding the RJ45 and any slack needed). The tester has two parts - one for each end of the cable. Once you have added the plugs you attach tester to each end and it will confirm that each strand is connected properly. Save an awful lot of frustration!

Making your own cables is also good if you only need 6m and the next cable size you can buy is 10m! You only need to make about 4 cables to cover your costs.

I used cables to run to the 3 switches and to routers I have. 1 router is used for within the house and feeds gaming PC direct, a switch for the TV and all the stuff connected to that (PS3/PS4/Apple TV/BluRay player/) and another switch for hubs(Hue/Heating/etc), and a 3rd switch for Mac Mini and the garage. The garage has the second router for WiFi in the garden and also has the media server and NAS (used for backups).

Near the TV some cables only need to be 0.5m so easier and tidier to make them the length needed.

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