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21 Jul 2014
Churchilllaan 69, Delft, Netherlands
Today I went for a walk at the beachside and into the dunes with my brother and son, it was a beautifull day. No wind at all, so high comfort although it was freezing.

Watch the crescent moon over the dunes:
Crscent moon on dune

In the middle you can see the high rise buildings in the center of The Hague:
The Hague from far


Parking lot on see (this is the place where ships park when they don't have anything to do).
Ships parking

This i never saw before, a temporary stream, it was not carved by men but by the tide. Sometimes a part of the water remains locked up after high tide, so I think this is how it escaped today.

Pictures where taken in this area:https://www.google.nl/maps/@52.134698,4.3364994,15z
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not such a good day for the starfish ! :)
nice view though , thanks .
When you revisit an area in the winter that you know best in other seasons, you may discover images you didn’t think twice about other times of the year.
Your beautiful beach pictures emanate a special kind of serenity and quietness, I really like the contrast between the fresh powder snow and the crisp blue sky.
Thank you, waxxzer. :)

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