Elton John In Edinburgh

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15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
We went to the Elton John concert at the Meadowbank stadium. We paid £180 (about €220) which is quite a lot but that seems to be the going rate. Sound was very good but the view was variable. Being 6'2" I tend to be able to see over most people when sitting or standing :) but Isobel being 5'2" has a problem. So often hear muttering when I sit in front of someone. :)

The group of 5 in front of us were up and to the bar so often it did get annoying. Then there was drunk granny (who the other 4 disowned) was doing some weird dance which Inwas convinced was to something she was listening to on an iPod! Then the granny got up on the seats to do the weird dance thing triggering a security intervention. Then 4 of them stood up to "dance" whilst nearly everyone else was sitting. Cue half full coffee cup hitting them. All through the 2.5 hours Elton was on they were taking selfies of themselves (I suspect that many may have had a scowling bloke in the background giving them the finger).

Just in front of them was another couple who were ratted on arrival. About a minute after sitting down they lit up cigarettes triggering another security intervention. They had a few drinks and then were getting a bit weird too. They were then removed.

The beer on offer was pale yellow and cost £5 for 500mls. Every drink seemed to cost £5 except water which was £2.50. We reckoned the group in front must have spent about £150 on drinks. So for the 5 of them that was £600/€720!!! Yet they were hardly watching or listening to the music. They could of bought a DVD, loads of drink and stayed at home and still had plenty left for all the attention they gave to the performance.

Then so many people were watching through there phone taking crap photos and video rather than just enjoying the music. Yes, I took a few photos but because of the light, the distance away from the stage it wasn't worth taking any really. Then most of them do portrait video! Arrggh! Turn the phone on its side!

Whilst we enjoyed it we (and others) were distracted by the antics of those around us. Even when young we never behaved like that!


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I actually quite like Elton.
A true musical legend.
Typical rip off concert prices though and ffs check out the coats,fleeces etc worn by the audience..that's UK summers for you lmao
I don't mind Elton but Isobel really likes him and also paid for it so.... I've forced her to see Rick Wakeman a few times so things balance out.

It was raining when we got there but brightened up. Did get cool when the sun went down thus the fleeces though it amazed us what some folk (OK, women) were nearly wearing. There were some truly awful fashion decisions made before leaving home. :eek:
it just seems a little bit funny,this feeling inside.must have been the candle in the wind,guess that's why they call it the blues,just a small SACRIFICE I can feel the sun going down ..

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