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New Member
9 Apr 2015
Hii hii I am 8gaming, or 8gamer.

I started playing NRU a while back with various different names, but then I kinda stop because I got into promod. But lately due to the hack amount of hackers & peeps just not abiding by the rules I decided to take a break from there, so I went back to normal servers & I remember this server, I have to see I enjoy playing with the community & the admins are really friendly, I hope this continues & I must say well done to everyone here! :D
Hi and welcome here. Nice you like our server, always good to hear that. ;)
Hello 8gaming, you are right, our community is a special one.
Pleased to meet you. :)
welcome dude yep as our lady says were all special (well most have special needs :) medication to the left straight jackets to the right
Probably because some of us are older and we are regressing back to our childhoods. I think we try and be fair and treat it as a game to be played for fun. Only sensible rules and anyone is welcome regardless of age, gender, etc.

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