[NSFW] Dreamgirls/Boys

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Odp: Dreamgirls/Boys

I dream of all girls ;d most with the eye like Shakira have :)

( all girls buts no like a killroy ;d )
naaaaah come on ... you would like to do her .... aint ja sonny .....shes desperat an do things ... things what the good looking chicks wont
Too many to list but the bromide the wife puts in the coffee reduces any carnal desire anyway. That's good, less hanky panky = more BF.
scarlett johanson and some others :)
the most LOST girls are hot too.
whataboute her ?
Hihiii dream of every woman... :rolleyes:


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Not bad ? Excuse me !!!!

check this :p *slurp* look at that beautiful face *lmao*


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