Dragon Valley Map


NRU Heed
only had a small view at the map yesterday but i have to say its amazing.

as we know from bf2 its a huuuge map with a lot of flags. think actual 7 flags in conquest large. but the best point, its realy balanced. no big advanced for armor or airvehicles. nearly at every flag you can play very well as infantery because you have a lot of cover and like the big temple map, you can´t get there with a armor.

also the domination maps is amzing and a lot of fun.

i am really impressed about this map and i hope it will filled up the server a bit more.


NRU Heed
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
Played a fair bit on CTE so am more familiar with it. The map is huge and apart from the buildings there isn't much else that can be blown up which may be due to the sheer size. From what I've seen the major glitches seem to have been fixed.

The sub map used for domination and TDM is also quite large and has some different levels but there is loads of cover and you can be sneaky if you get some snipers on the higher level.

Overall it seems to be a great map which I cam see becoming very popular. Never really playing BF2 I don't have any memories of the old map but to me this does feel like a classic. CTF could be interesting if the flags are either end of the map.
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