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19 Sep 2012
france , ardeche
how is it that i can not put more than one photo a download on this thread ???
i wanted to make a thread for you to see some random pictures i like to do ,but just a photo to download here ,before when i wanted to put the photo here i could put 10 or 12 at a glance ,now i can just put a .....why
You mean only lets you do one at a time? Prob cos the multi uploaded (written in flash) has an exploit in it and has been suggested to remove it. I might be able to find the old file and put it back (if I'm lucky) but then ofc there is an exploit in the site software =/
its because nao is a cock. lol

you have to go in advance mode for posting.


and then you got the option for attachments:


then press manage attachments. but for sure you can only one pic in there than you have to press upload. after that you can upload next.
@sam ,yes and no lol does not change the forum page for me ,mhuhahaha ...:)
@laka ,i did the test and it is quite the ..... ,(you know me so well ;you can use the term ( naobad ) lol) ... ,thanx for example .it's ok

thank you Spliffy for the link ,(good idea):)
thank you SAM and LAKA for the rapidity and have solved the problem one more time ... thank you ..:)
i can make another thread photo

p.s :i preferred the system before to put pictures here ,(there is only me who does not evolved ,mhuhahaha)....


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