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10 Dec 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina
OMG, so pretty much the worst thing that could've happen to me, is to be without PC last 2-3 Gosh, it all started after the last Windows 10 Update (16.11.- at least it updated it for me at that date), I've been getting blue screen of deaths 24/7, after trying to ''reset'' the PC (the win 10 feature), an error came again....after trying to completely reinstall Windows 10, after cleaning my hdd, after having to convert it to GPT from MBR, after everything I had to do, the installation crashed my PC, it went off and couldn't start, different kind of alarms were beeping the fuck out of it after each press on the power buttom lol . After trying and trying and changing the components, trying to figure out what piece of shit is broken, after I was sure that my GPU isn't making those problems, I thought the hdd may be an issue, but nope, it's good, after all it seems that my RAM is the actual issue, even tho I just changed the slots, cuz I have 4 slots but I use only 2, and then, tried everything again, praying those 30minutes while it's installing and hoping it won't crash again I finally did it, I was kissing my USB for 10 minutes cuz it finally made it hahahaha, but then BOOM; all dreams gone, 64bit system, all good, but still only 4GB of ram can be used. Even tho it says that the actual size is installed, but I can't use the full ram I have, only 4GB, after trying to do the msconfig-boot-advanced settings- uncheck the memory thing, still didn't work, even tried to uncheck-restart-check-restart-uncheck-restart still the same...only 4GB can be used. After switching my RAM to a other system with Windows 8.1 installed, it reads my whole amount of memory, switching it back here, same shit, only 4GB, after reinstalling windows AGAIN, again same procedure, and I was like, omg is this doesn't work, idk, I'll smash the fuck out this PC....and guess what, IT STILL DIDN'T ALLOW TO USE MORE THAN 4GB, after reseting my BIOS and making sure it's up-to-date, it still didn't work...I guess it's either time to buy new RAM or it's time to switch to Linux...I just can't, I'm not sure wtf is going it with this crap, and how am I going to deal with it anymore.....
Some of the possibilities may be obvious and things you have checked...

  • It is frustrating when this happens. Try and be methodical when testing and start simple.
  • Does the BIOS show the full amount of RAM? If yes, could some of it be allocated to onboard graphics so Windows isn’t seeing it.
  • If not, are the RAM sticks fully inserted? (Worth a check)
  • It is definitely a 64bit version of Windows installed?
  • If it has onboard graphics I would strip out all components except a stick of RAM and install Windows. If it doesn’t work swap the RAM sticks in case one is faulty. Then add the next RAM stick. If it doesn’t work try a different slot and so on. If that gets things working, then add the graphics card and see what happens.
  • Another option is to create Win 7 boot media and install that to test. You don’t need to register it for testing but would help to determine if it is a Windows problem or hardware.
  • A Linux distro would also be a good test option.
Hope that helps.

My neighbours had a problem when Win 10 did an update on their all in one PC. I spent ages trying to get it out of the failed restore update loop - tried saving data but a clean install was the final solution. His solution was to crush it with a forklift a few times and get a new one! The could have still used it as a second monitor.
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Now it doesn't boot when in dual-channel...I'll do the memory check again, maybe it will show some errors now. And also do you know any other third-party memory checks beside the usual mdsched.exe ? I mean, maybe there are some better stuff beside that hah
Again some of these may be obvious but..... :)

Have you tried startign windows in safe mode?

1. Restart your PC. When you get to the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power
2. Restart
3. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.
4. After your PC restarts (again), you'll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode. Or if you'll need to use the Internet, select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

One thing to check that I have had before is that if the ram has gold contacts and the motherboard doesn't (or the otherway around) you can get the two reacting and the don't work properly. I quick clean with some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and a q-tip on the RAM and allow to dry. Isopropyl doesn't leave an residue behind. I used to get that problem with some RAM/Motherboard and had to do that every six months or start getting errors.

Have you reset the BIOS to default? If not start there and then change one setting at a time.

Does the PC beep? Some generic start up error codes (motherboards may be different):

1 memory refresh error (clean the contacts and reinstall)
2 Parity error (clean and resinstall)
3 Base 64k error (clean and resinstall)
4 Timer error - check motherboard for shorts, foreign objects etc.
5 Processor error
6 Gate A20 error - check motherboard for shorts, foreign objects etc.
7 Processor exception error
8 Check video card installtion
9 ROM error
10 CMOS battery
11 Cache memory bad - check BIOS settings
1 long 3 short (clean the contacts and reinstall)
1 long 8 short - check video card installation
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I have the Upgrading and Repairing PCs book on Kindle and have also had the paper version in the past. Most of it remains useable but obviously as new technologies and protocols come along it goes out of date quite quick. However, the hardware trouble shooting section is really worth the cost of the book alone as it walks you through the steps in a methodical way and often includes things that I haven't thought about. On ebay (listing below is justy an example) you can get an older edition for about £5 or the latest Kindle version is about £20 but no DVD (which is no loss) or £40 for the dead tree version. Second hand book shops always sem to have a copy so that may be a source too if you have a local shop.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs (Upgrading & Repairing PC's (W/DVD) .9780789731739 9780789731739 | eBay
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Okay, as I did most of the stuff and still didn't find a solution, I think I'll end up buying a new motherboard + ram...
This is a very weird situation, since the ram didn't want to work well, so I had to change the slots, yesterday it didn't want to boot in dual-channel so I had to put it in single channel, 1 stick in black and 1 in grey I used 1 ram-module in each slot an trying to start the PC, for both RAM modules only 2nd & 3rd slot worked, 1st and 4th didn't, it didn't boot, so the slots are broken...I tried to see, I know that if you fasten too much the CPU cooler, it can fuck up a little bit those ram slots, also if your CPU has a bent or broken PIN it can lead to false memory reading and stuff, but since CPU wasn't touched since the day I putted it into the socket when I bought it, and the same is for the cpu cooler I didn't think that that's the actual issue, so I did everything just to make sure, all pins okay on the cpu, putted some new thermal-paste and installed the cpu cooler as usually, so that's not an issue ... so everything leads to the thing that my motherboard died and that my motherboard was the issue whole time, cuz it's somehow putted now all of the other RAM (beside those 4GB) as hardware reserved...well well well it's time to earn some money and buy some new stuff hah
How old is the PC/components? Just curious.

May be worth getting everything out of the case, cleaning everything, contacts etc. and then running it naked out of the case before committing to new hardware.

It could be one of the tracks one the m/b has broken or a joint gone dry.

Hope you get it sorted anyway.
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