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18 Apr 2015
I would like to say to anyone looking to join here or just play on these servers, don't. the admins and members will treat you horrible, from personal experience i have been told on numerous occasions to "Go kill yourself" and have been banned by that server for "message spamming" when I was defending myself. I would never recommended to play on any of their servers EVER. I have never seen a more unprofessional server since the beginning of BF4
Judging from what you are implying I dare say that you address the wrong clan here.

I don’t think that ANY of our admins behaves in the way you described it, as they are all grown-up people who have their wits about them.
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devo321. Sorry to hear that you have been badly treated when gaming on some noob server,
but in this case I think you are barking at the wrong tree. there is a lot of servers out there with the name noobs in it.
Welcome to ( =NRU= Noobs R Us BF4 Nuthouse | 1000 Tickets | Fast Respawn - Normal - Ranked ) next time.
Another satisfied customer :nurse:

But confused.
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[TOT1] noobs r us - HC - CQ - Will change to DOM when >1 player

maybe this server ;)

there is more than one noobs r us server online ;) maybe he just googled our name and found us

i hope it wasnt us but because of the (\sarcasm) precise critics (\end) i can only laugh about it ;)

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