Destiny 2 Pc Anyone?

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Does look good. However, guy creates force field dome against rockets yet other people just walk through it!!!

For me same as laka, I'm still enjoying BF4 at the moment. Felt a bit annoyed with BF1 - yes I could play it but there were so few times I enjoyed it and had fun. Paying even more for the DLC is out of the question because of that.

Starting a new game and investing time in it is not for me at the moment.
Tested the Destiny 2 open beta last night, runs and feels good on PC. My only problem is im afraid its gonna be ruined by hackers since it got pve/pvp with stats and loot.

Got a preorder for Destiny 2 for PS4, since my Destiny 1 friends are on there. Might get a copy on PC too, if i see its good fun.
Never tried, maybe i'll try tho... the idea seems good. i also enjoy Fast-paced combat shooters like UT which community isn't what it used to be (size), Quake Champions (still beta), Toxikk (hardly even players online) , you get the idea... can't find anything fun lately..
I do enjoy "arcade" shooters like BF tho, when i first found out about these games i was like helllllll yeaaaaah. BF4 seems to be one of the only games i played for years and didn't get bored... had hopes for bf1 but it's 'meh' to me... Idiotically gave in to the hype and pre-ordered Battlefront 2, since it seemed like they got their shit together after Battlefront 1's disaster. (still want my money back)..

Anyway let me know if D2 deserves a try.
If ur fast, the open beta is closing soon, download was around 16gb i think.

Content in beta:

- opening mission (sp)
- Strike ( 3 player pve)
- 2 pvp maps

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