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DESO! :D hey yaaa i remember u rly good :p I wish u guys good luck in ur application ! :D and i hope i can see you guys soon with this TAG! :D woop woop :D
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I've played with the both of you before and as Laka says, I have never seen any bad behaviour other than the regular tbagging :D I have you guys in mind as fair and cooperative players!
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Hello Samuel, I wish you all the best with your application! :)
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lmao WTF who let all the cocks in here?? :D(y)

i still waiting for the young girls they wish to join us....but no. :tbag::mooning:

same i said in shiros thread. nice that you will join us and nothing bad to say about you. we will do some background checks and coming back here when we start the vote.
U are letting all the cocks in here Laka
we will do some background checks

ahh a skandinavian sausage such as myself i will be switching to own tongue.

Held og lykke med ansøgningen Deso!
ser frem til at se om du klarer den ! :-D

Hilsen fra Danmark:
Tha Fortuna!

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