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16 Oct 2012
I just started to play Day Z standalone and i ask myself is there any cocks in our clan which already play it or are interested in the game :D

For all nooobies ;) The game is about a Zombieapocalipse and you are playing one of the last survivors and you have collect food and weapons to survive ;)

May sound a bit boring but if you die.... your inventory is lost your character is permanently lost and you respawn somwhere else again with a new character^^

This is what the game makes interesting ;) Its about communicating and deciding whether this is an enemy or a friendly guy ^^
You wont believe how much tension this is if you havent played it yourself!

So if anybody wants to join just say im pretty noooobie at the moment tooo :D

But its a lot of fun and its more stable as bf4 and its AN EARLY ALPHA ^^ fu DICE :=)

its only 20 euros on steam cause its an early access game will get more expensive when the real game comes out but this will take a year or so (at the moment its only basic infantry stuff lateron there will be vehicles and helicopters and stuff like that)
My son plays and likes it so I've decided not to DL it - don't want to be killed/humiliated by him :D
Well its harder than I looks ive died 6 times already, plus its really hard to find anything...
The only thing I seem to find is my dying to often :arg:
i read the reviews and i think that is not the game for me. don´t like to run around to find something or have to hide long time to see what other guys doing lol also i hate steam and not willing to pay 25.- for playing a alpha... rant for paying 100.- € for playing the bf4 alpha now. lol
the game requires patience incase anyone was wondering, you'll be doing a lot of running around and will probably get shot once and die from who knows where ... it's all part of the realism from the arma series. good fun if you've got time to invest in it and don't mind spend 2 hours running to a military airfield to get decent loot only to be killed by a sniper or something. as Steffos said, it's these situations that make the game what it is. i've also read that the game is much better with groups of friends ideally on TS or something rather than lone wolfing it.

Have they sorted the cheating that ruined the mod version?

a lot of the non used items and scripts have been removed from the standalone so it's no longer possible to spawn in a tank or start dropping loads of bombs which i've seen before. for the moment i think it's ok but who knows what it'll be like once the dodgy characters get their hands on it, the same as any online game probably :(

the guys who've got dayz, what's your name of steam so i can add you. mines: mrtea01

edit - laka you hate steam but use origin no problems? haha weird all the forums i've read it's the other way around lol
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@ marenghi:

lol i know a lot which dislike origin :D but nobody who hates steam :D

i mean steams making good sales and stuff and has the better games ;) and it doesnt feel like a fucking spyware ;) like origin does^^

yeah i got some good gear a m4 and stuff ;) but then i got sniped from somewhere....

know i started again and found some good gear again ^^

but i am a bit afraid of nooobie bandits which just shoot straight away ;) but this seems to be everybody at the moment ^^

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