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26 Aug 2012
Hey guys,

Long time no see! Please don't think I was deserting you all as that isn't the case. I've unfortunately been extremely ill and so I've not had chance to play at all.

However I'm back now so hoping to get straight back into the action!

I previously had an open application to joining you guys which I'd like to continue if possible. I was due to reach my 100 hours and 3 months on the forums (which I've now surpassed). I'll understand if you need me to restart however...

Nice to see you all again, and watch out as Mr. Teabagger is about! :p

hi darky,

welcome "back", hope all is well now. ;)

i am fishing out your old one.

Hi all,

Whilst I know your not currently recruiting, I would like to put in my application as a notice of intent.

I am yet to reach my 100 hours (21 so far) however believe I will have by the time you take applications again.

1. Real Name, Age and Nationality
Adam Betts, 27, British

2. Game name for all games (BF2, BFBC2, BF3, COD etc). Even if you haven't played for many years or have only played a few times, we need that info!
BF2 - Adz1184,
COD, BFBC2, BF3 are all - DarkByD3sign

3. Do you have any previous bans? This can be on any online game.
Not that I'm aware of. I'm generally a good boy. :)

4. Why do you think you'll be good for NRU?
I was previously a clan member and Admin for a server on BF2. If I remember correctly it was called CRASH & BURN. It was something I enjoyed very much. My main points were having fun with other clan members but also making sure that all game-play was fair and enjoyable.

5. Recommending NRU members:
1: RogueArmr (he advised me to apply)
2: Sordids
3: Eliton-SWE
4: Samoz83
5: Clifford
6: Nurse_Mari

Thanks in advance
Ha you're refreshing my memory. I was MrMI5. FLASHTHUND3R was my best mates account.

How's it coming along, anything else you need to know :)
leo the lion me , and does seem quite accurate. but i dont really believe in it ?

anyway all the best with application darkie :]
I'm a Scorpio. Apparently once I'm crossed I won't ever forget it. But I'm nice as pie too, great in bed apparently! :p
Originally Posted by DarkByD3sign But I'm nice as pie too, great in bed apparently! :p

Laka will be happy to know that ;-)

...we will know this after his application process. lol Shag
/me is already regretting that last line!
don't tell laka but i'm also scorpio. 26th Oct.

and with my wifes hoeoscope they say it's 10/10.. :confused:
Just a thought Geno, I wouldn't put it on a forum as he'll be able to see it too...! :p

Laka is probably getting his bondage kit out as we speak!
lmao u cock.

and because that we make the decision to start you application. Shag on gametracker you havent all 100 hours gaming on our servers but we know that a lot of hours got lost during changing our servers. so you got around 75 now and we think the rest is lost about the server changing.

so i will start your voting now. ;))
Thanks man, really appreciate it!

Guys be nice ;)

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