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NRU Heed
NRU Member
15 Mar 2012
Falkirk, United Kingdom
I know we play Battlefield and the fact you can join back in again after a few seconds is a massive leap from reality. Seeing the interviews with veterans remembering the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings is very sobering. Young kids running up a beach knowing there was a very good chance that it would be their last act (and those nowadays who still do), makes me wonder if I would ever have been capable of doing anything like that and sometimes I think that I may not have had the guts to do what they did/do.

A day like this makes you reflect and respect the men and women in all of the various services who have fought in wars, in the past and more recent conflicts, no matter which side they were fighting for.
We shall never forget (Regardless where you are from) !!!

Just because these brave men and women from all kinds of nations (just keep in mind all the occupied Forces or the Empire Forces) fought a fight for freedom in places they have never heard before and which people they never had met before, I am able to "Play" war with my clan mates.....

I am glad I can kill e.g. the Belgian truffle, the english stallion or the greek battle axe...knowing that it is all for fun and not in reality like it would have been 70 years ago....back then we would have been enemies, if we would have wanted it or not.

We cant honour that gift enough ! Not all is gold these days, no doubt, but I am glad I live today and not in 1944 and that I am allowed to be friends to other countries People !


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